Influencer VIP Coaching Package

BETA Enrollment in Spring 2022. A high touch YouTube Influencer Mastermind of your current brand, channel and business monetization strategy.

What if you got help to mastermind your YouTube Influencer business?

 I made a lot of mistakes as a content creator and influencer.

...Like failing to set my business up for monetization from the start.
You see, most influencers focus on the numbers. But channel growth and subscribers do not always mean better monetization. 

The way to build a sustainable bullet-proof business is to focus on both.

The problem is that it is not easy to map your business, when you're only just starting out and cannot see the road ahead. You have very little to inform your decisions and choices.

That's where I come in.  

I'm going to lend you my years of experience and knowledge to help you...

 Mastermind YOUR business!

Why you need this: 

Being a YouTube creator can feel lonely and overwhelming.  You're making all the decisions on your own, while designing your brand and navigating the YouTube space.

You don't know if you're making the right decisions for your channel, because you cannot see the road ahead.

You want guidance and answers from someone who is ideally:
-  an experienced influencer
-  grown the brand to be a recognized authority in their community
-  connected to a network of influencer/YouTube /content creator peers so they are knowledgeable about different business models.

This ideal for :

You want to be a YouTube Creator & Influencer and setting you're prepared for the long haul.  You tried all you can think of and you want help making this is a full-time  business.

✅ Content Creators & Coaches committed to growing their business on  YouTube 

We concentrate on :

✅ Laser focus your niche audience  
✅ Discovering your unique IT factor and secret sauce that lets you STAND OUT of the crowd
✅ Clarifying your authentic YouTube personality so you can be confident on-camera.
✅ And anything else you want to focus on during our time.

✔︎  Student gains access to my Branding Influence course bundle and its action worksheets as we'll be following these principles and diving deep into who you are.

Suggested Requirements: On YouTube for a minimum of 2 months and uploaded at least 6 videos.

How it works:

 All sessions begin with an in-depth questionnaire you will be asked to fill out. This will give me information I need to customize my services to your individual situation and goals..

In our sessions, I offer a hybrid of consulting and coaching. We take a look at what is/isn't working in your current approach. We have a clarity session and we work together towards your right fit solutions so you have a confident action plan.  

*There may be very light homework to implement between sessions to help your channel/brand to the next session.

You get:

 ✔︎ A high touch assessment on your current brand and channel strategy. We take a look at what is/isn't working in your current approach.

✔︎ A 3o minute kick-off consultation, where we identify areas of improvement. ranging from channel navigation, potential branding design flaws, YouTube SEO practices and content strategy. We discuss your "big picture" goals for your YouTube business.

✔︎ A YouTube game plan for what we'll tackle during our time together, to steer you towards your right fit solutions and to clarify what you're putting out will have the effect you want

✔︎ Six  60 minute sessions. Each one, building upon the next in clarity.

✔︎ Ask any questions you have about the YouTube influencer business.

✔︎ Walk away with a confident content and business action plan.  

Additionally included

✔︎Access to Branding Influence course + action worksheets and spot focused tutorials from any related courses.


The issues we resolve during the session will be targeted insight, which changes your long-range result and reshapes your practices.


Tailored to your brand and channel goals, we help you create a strategy for success!


By improving your channel health, you will jumpstart your growth, SEO understanding and understand various ways you can strengthen your success for the future.

Course Curriculum

We'll let you know when Enrollment opens!

BETA Enrollment Coming Soon

Your YouTube Expert

Christine Kaaloa

I’m a video storyteller, a female solo travel content creator, influencer and your Youtube instructor!

I was a TV producer and camera woman with a career living in New York city, filming and producing popular reality shows for brands from MTV, Food Network, Yahoo, BET, VH1, CBS. I was living a jet set life and paid to travel, until the economy fell and remade my life as a travel blogger and YouTuber.

I grew my authority as a award winning blogger and was the first female solo travel YouTube channel to empower new solo travelers around the world to find the confidence to trip planning alone.  I've worked with branded campaigns like SanDisk, Airbnb Experiences, Mazda, Facebook, Ctrip to name a few and several tourism boards. I work with sponsors on almost every trip I take! 

I know how lonely and frustrating it can be to grow a YouTube channel.  It took me years to master YouTube through trial and error and the biggest things it cost me was TIME and a LIFE! Had I known what I know now, I would have accelerated and monetized much quicker. I'm here to give you a personal roadmap into YouTube, so you can spend more time doing what you love and profiting from it.